• TeleGemz

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  • About Telegemz


    TeleGemz is being created for current and future users of the GetGems App, who own and earn GEMZ tokens daily through the first applications of the Attention Economy.


    The GetGems app is the easiest way of transfering Bitcoin to your Contacts and anyone who accepts Bitcoin in payment, all within the Telegram messaging platform.


    TeleGemz is not a part of Decentralized Mobile Applications, creators of GEMZ tokens and the GetGems app, and GetGems web-client. This website only affiliated by an interest in the continued success of the GEMZ token and the app that allows people benefit from the Attention Economy.


    TeleGemz is not affiliated directly with Telegram.org, however we admire their work.


    GEMZ is a token created on the Counterparty platform. Visit Counterparty.io to learn more.